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Don’t make the wrong career move! Join EnrolledJa and get the information you need to make the right career decisions and pursue what interests you!


There are many variables involved in your higher education decision making. With EnrolledJa, you get all the right information direct from various institutions right at your fingertips.


Many students believe their higher education goals are out of reach because of difficulty securing financing. Join EnrolledJa and let us help you find those opportunities.

Enrolled Jamaica

Helping you make the right decisions about your academic and career future.

Sign up for EnrolledJa and get information about your chosen career fields, tertiary education offerings, and student financing options delivered right to your fingertips!


Tertiary Offerings

The Higher Education institutions in our network will send information directly to you about their programmes and offerings, helping you make informed decisions about the academic and career paths that interest you. 

Programme Information

Learn about the degrees, courses and matriculation requirements at the best schools, colleges and universities in Jamaica.

Student Life

Learn about the campus offerings, accomodation, sports and extra-curricular opportunities at local tertiary institutions.

Direct Contact

Sign up with EnrolledJa to receive information delivered to your email, phone, and social media directly from local tertiary institutions.

Information Sessions

Attend our face-to-face and virtual events to interact with representatives from schools and financial institutions.

Financing Opportunities

Student financing is one of the most important issues in higher education planning. Many students don’t know about the many options available to them, how to access them and how to set a solid financial plan for the duration of their studies.

Financing Options

Every year, millions of dollars worth of grants, loans, bursaries and even scholarships go unused because students don’t know about them and don’t apply.

Financial Planning

Avoid the stress in thinking about how to cover tuition, accommodation, books and other higher education resources for the duration of your studies.

Guidance for Sponsors

Guidance for parents/guardians, loan guarantors, sponsors and other individuals who support your education is as important as the financing options you chose.


Career Planning

Don’t just plan for your education, plan for your career. The decisions you make today will follow you for years to come. We organize webinars, face-to-face conferences and other events to put you directly in touch with experts in your chosen field, helping you plan wisely.

Career Fields

Learn how to get into your chosen career field, the paths and options available to you and the realities of the profession.

Expert Adivce

Make better decisions by learning from the experience of working professionals in your career field of choice.

Student Contact

Connect with students who are enrolled in programs relevant to your chosen career fields to learn about their experiences first-hand.  

Events & Networking

Receive direct invitations to attend webinars and other in-person events, where you can speak directly to professionals in your field.

Annual Enrollment by the Numbers

Each year, more than 50,000 Jamaicans pursue CXC and other secondary-level qualifications, many with the hopes of transitioning to higher education. There are scores of post-secondary educational institutions offering dozens of degrees and academic programmes. Sign up with EnrolledJa to receive personalised information from these institutions directly at your fingertips.

Tertiary Institutions

students take cxc each year

scholarships & grants

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With EnrolledJa, planning is made easy! Don’t take our word for it – look at what these students and school administrators have to say:

EnrolledJa is an excellent service…parents, students and other stakeholders can acquire all the relevant information from one source. EnrolledJa will enable our students to make informed choices. WOW technology at our
fingertips! Well done EnrolledJa for making the new normal possible.

Mrs Daintylee Myers

Guidance Counsellor, Central High School

Enrolledja is a timely and needed platform to provide well needed career information to our students, parents and schools. This is a “one stop shop” for college and university coaching, information on financing tertiary studies and receiving adequate information to prepare our students for that next phase of life. The institutions will also have an opportunity to provide their information directly to the persons who they intend to reach. Enrolledja has provided a great opportunity to bridge the lack of information gap in university preparation. Well done!

Joel Logan

Guidance Counsellor, Morant Bay High School

I like EnrolledJa. Parents and students alike will be enthused to have such access to a team of persons who will not just assist with college or university enrollment, but also with opportunities to know about funding for tuition by way of grants, loans, bursaries or scholarships. EnrolledJa will take the hassle out of you finding the right institution to do your studies. It’s was super easy and they always get the job done.

D. Williams

Teacher, St. Thomas Technical High School

EnrolledJa is an excellent and relevant platform. Students are now given the prime opportunity to optimize on the information that will be readily available at their fingertips. The “new normal” calls for creative innovations and technological advances and so EnrolledJa has made it possible for all students to be properly informed.

Imani Ferguson

BSc. Banking & Finance Candidate